What does MAIN Manufacturing Products do?

main manufacturing multitude of flanges

  • MAIN MFG manufactures hydraulic flanges and components.

  • MAIN MFG produces and stocks flanges to SAE J518, ISO 6162, ISO 6164, some JIS, some DIN, CETOP, and various companies special bolt patterns.

  • MAIN MFG manufactures parts with female ports.
    Socket-weld (to US, JIS, DIN, and other pipe and tube standards).
    Butt-weld (to US, JIS, DIN, and other pipe and tube standards).
    SAE Straight Thread
    ISO 6149

  • MAIN MFG manufactures and stocks adapters:
    Flange Adapters - changing orientation, pattern, or size
    Reservoir Adapters
    Connector Blocks to connect hoses together
    SAE Flange gender changers
    Adapters to add gauge ports or a line to the system
    Flanged Heads
    Special Drilled Manifolds

  • MAIN MFG stocks these parts in many different materials such as 1018, 11L17, 304L, 316L, A516, 1025, C276 (Hastelloy), and other materials.

  • MAIN MFG uses machinery that is designed to manufacture both small and medium quantities quickly, generally 2-3 days after material is received. We carry 150 tons+ of steel and stainless steel. Much of the steel is manufactured by the mill to a special quality not generally carried by steel service centers.