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MAIN MANUFACTURING PRODUCTS, INC. has manufactured and distributed hydraulic flanges to SAE J518, ISO 6162, ISO 6164, JIS, and other flange standards for 60 years. MAIN also manufactures and/or sells flange adapters, SAE split flanges, manifolds, sub plates, special hydraulic connectors and other components.


MAIN Manufacturing Products, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic flanges and components for 60 years. Over this time, MAIN has helped customers solve many of the same issues we have encountered ourselves. This paper will help users specify hydraulic flanges for pipe and tube connections and gives tips to avoid some of these issues. Users need to address the following parameters to specify the right flange for the application: pad size; bolt holesize or tapped hole size and thread; flange type; connection type and size; geometry; material; pressure; and extras. Information on the screw (length and thread) and O-ring (size and material) is needed to determine the mounting kit.

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